How UK Students Can Satisfy Their Theatre Passion During Lockdown

The lockdown has brought lots of activities to a standstill, but we aren’t complaining since we know it needs to be in place if we are to beat this pandemic. That said, life for theatre lovers does not have to come to an end, does it? As we wait this out, we are finding creative ways to keep the fire of acting burning.

How are you, young college student, sitting this UK lockout? Here are a few creative ideas you can incorporate into your plan to kill boredom.

Attending Concerts Online

Since you can no longer go to a physical theatre now, a digital theater will have to do. Online live theatre is taking off quite fast within the UK and the world because of the constraints that have made it hard to be anywhere offline. With great internet connection, you can now experience a wholesome act with production so clean that you may think you are inside the real deal. This idea is likely to go on beyond this lockdown because it is intended to be quite inclusive. Attendees of these kinds of shows come from all parts of the world, with social media playing a huge part in connecting artists to their fans and aspirants. 

Watching Online Performances

Ever watched something so great that you felt it deserved re-watching? Then this downtime gives you the chance for just that. Since theatre festivals UK are now not showing offline, then you get to binge on what has already been produced and recorded. What makes this interesting is the fact that you learn as well as get entertained. 

Reading about Theatre

Most theatrical performances are based on plays. Even though theatre breathes life into speechless lines, reading plays and books about theatre as well might be a good pastime for those who can’t appreciate live theatre. Getting knowledge on how theatre started and developed into its current shape might add priceless flavour to your appreciation of live performances.

For those students who aspire to turn their passion into a lifetime career, such books will bring even more benefits. However, for those who are not great readers and are looking for a solid UK essay writing service, Writix can provide short summaries of the most important books with crucial events highlighted. Reading up on theatre allows you to appreciate it better since you get to understand the work put into some of the famous performances that have warranted studies and research papers.

Getting Together to Reenact Plays

There is so much education in watching professionals do their thing on stage. This lockdown, setting a simple stage at home to reenact plays through lines from a production you found informative could help improve your acting. Lessons from these plays are invaluable, and if you remain consistent, you may be boasting of a new set of skills by the end of this period. You may enlist the help of your family or school mates to watch and critic, so you know where to improve.

Make Theatre-like TikTok Videos

Social media is making this period manageable, and while getting entertained, careers are being built. Now, instead of lamenting about being unable to go to the theatre with your friends, you could create TikTok videos based on shows or plays and gain a whole following that could eventually lead to paying gigs. The good thing is that these videos are usually short clips that you can keep doing even after resuming class. There is a whole community of like-minded content creators that will follow you and relate to your thoughts. You only need to get started and remain consistent.

Get out of Lockdown a Better Student

Normally, times like these would bore anyone out of their mind, and they already are. Since no one knows how long the pandemic will last, the best we can do is stay mentally stimulated even with the ongoing vaccination program. Time will come when you can finally go to see a play again, but the best we can all do is stay busy till then. 

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