Review: Oops!… I Streamed It Again

Alumni of & Juliet reunites for Oops!… I Streamed It Again, a wide-ranging and effective mix of pop, rock and musical theatre

“Maybe I’m brainless
Maybe I’m wise”

The second of Thespie’s Reunited Series concerts reassembles some of the core cast of & Juliet and sets them loose on a wide-ranging songbook that encompasses pop, rock, musical theatre and a bit of Disney too.  Whereas the first gig had its focus firmly on Stephen Schwartz and revelled in its evening dress and swanky hotel setting, the looser feel of Oops!… I Streamed It Again makes it feel more like a genuine cabaret rather than a statelier theatrical show. 

The easy informality between the five performers is evident from the start, as inter-song banter reveals bromances and full-on fangirling when it comes to a particularly Wicked reunion. And because the vibe is just that much more chilled, an eclectic setlist that leaps from David Bowie to Anastasia, Hadestown to REO Speedwagon feels entirely organic and will have most people reaching for the Crazy Coqs cocktails list to complete the mood.

So bask in Cassidy Janson and Oliver Tompsett revisiting ‘As Long As You’re Mine’, watch Grace Mouat and Jordan Luke Gage making the case for an immediate revival of Hadestown with a gorgeous ‘All I’ve Ever Known’ and swoon at the harmonies as Tim Mahendran duets with Tompsett on ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ plus much more besides. And (virtually) high-five whoever came up with that final song choice, just spine-tingingly good. As theatres in London are forced to close their doors once again, why not take a chance on the content that is out there.

Photo: Danny Kaan

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