News: cast albums for The Little Prince, HouseFire and Treason

A trio of cast album announcements from the last couple of weeks offers a different way to help support theatres in these trying times

Nicholas Lloyd Webber and James D. Reid have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £200,000 for a special recording of The Little Prince musical album and provide over 70 people in the theatre industry with jobs during the current COVID-19 pandemic

Richard E. Grant, Kevin McKidd, Sierra Boggess, Tracie Bennett, Amara Okereke and Lorna Want will all lend their support to the project by playing principal cast members. Emma Lindars, Emma Harris, Sarah Ryan, Alison Arnopp, Janet Mooney, T’Shan Williams, John Addison, Oliver Lidert, Michael Pickering, James Gant and David Durham will also be part of the cast.

Audiences can choose from a range of available rewards from the crowdfunding campaign whilst also creating essential jobs. The full list of awards can be found here:

Metta Theatre has announced an intensification of the company’s focus on climate crisis and sustainability issues, with the launch of environmental consultancy Metta Green, at the same time as the release of the album for their brand-new climate crisis musical HouseFire, which is now available via Spotify , iTunes and other digital platforms.

With book and lyrics by P Burton-Morgan and music from Felix Hagan, HouseFire explores the threat of the global climate and ecological crisis via a band of endangered animals who protest and spread their message through song. Eleanor Kane performs on the album as Ginger the Orangutan, Robin Simões da Silva as Leo the Snow Leopard and Lemuel Knights as Alan the Elephant.


Also going for the cast recording ahead of the show is Ricky Allan’s new musical Treason, appropriately based on the Gunpowder Plot. They’re going for an interesting release schedule with the first track being released on 5th November obvs, and then going for fortnightly drops of the rest of the tracks.

Appearing on the album are Kelly Agbowu, Daniel Boys, Rosalie Craig, Hadley Fraser, Waylon Jacobs, Emmanuel Kojo, Rebecca LaChance, Christina Modestou and Oliver Savile. The album has been put together with musical supervision by Nick Pinchbeck and orchestrations by Matthew Malone.

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