Film Review: Hammer of the Gods (2013)

Violent Viking thriller Hammer of the Gods may feature Elliot Cowan but it ain’t really the one for me

“He was fed gruel at first light”

Tucked away at the lesser known end of the Elliot Cowan film oeuvre, Hammer of the Gods is a stylised Viking thriller that absolutely relishes in its gore and violence. And as such, really isn’t my cup of tea despite director Farren Blackburn adhering to the law that Cowan must wear as little as possible.

The plot finds us in 871 Britain where Viking prince Steinar is charged with finding his brother Hakan since their father King Bacsecg is dying. But there’s betrayal in the air. And there’s lots of pesky Saxons in the way. And Hakan has gone renegade. So it is going to be an epic challenge.

For a low-budget Britflick, it looks rather good. And with faces like James Cosmo, Glynis Barber and Michael Jibson popping up, there’s some decent work in here. But the relentless violence as Charlie Bewley’s king-in-the-making bloods himself into becoming a worthy leader becomes rather wearing.


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