Top 5 Best Theatres You Can Stream Online

With theatres remaining closed due to the government’s social distancing rules, how do you get your stage fix? It has been a tough year for theatres around the world, not only in the UK.

Some of the top theatres, performers, and directors have moved their performances online. This has made it easier for their followers to catch up on their performances on social media and via streaming services.

Here are five of the top theatricals you can stream online today.

1. These Folk

The comical folk-inspired yet wonderfully modern performance by The Yes Queens is a must-watch. Performed and recorded in January, the theatrical is now available on YouTube. The online version of the performance is guaranteed to make you miss a live performance, but it is just as fun.

The originality of These Folks is highlighted by the modern bluish lighting that surrounds the performance stage.

The performers, Justin Brett and Susan Harrison, clearly prepared well for the online version of the play. They are casually hilarious, and the comedy is well composed with sufficient action in its Soho setting.

2. Good Dog

Good Dog is a past and present heart-warming tale of a young black boy growing up in poverty in urban Tottenham. The crackling and superbly compelling monologue is adapted from the full-length play written by Arinzé Kene.

If tales of courage and persistence inspire you, then this performance by Kwaku Mills is a must-watch. It brings out the ‘feel’ of the original play. Written amidst a backdrop of Tottenham riots, Good Dog is a reflection of an inexperienced minor feeling ‘out of place’ striving to succeed. Find more about it here.

3. The Space Between

The Covid-19 social distancing measures have had an enormous impact on the arts and its performers.

Singer and songwriter Caroline Kay collaborated with Waitress star David Hunter to write this masterpiece and personify the struggles. The most amazing thing is; the entire play was created during lockdown over WhatsApp!

This short musical provides a glimpse into the relationship of a couple during the lockdown. It focuses on how the two deal with the problems in their relationship and how they navigate financial difficulties being out of work.

Do you miss theatre musicals? There are many ways to make up for that, including finding out some great games in online casinos in NZ. You will undoubtedly appreciate performance from a unique angle in The Space Between.

4. Disney Cruise Line’s ‘Tangled: The Musical’

The Broadway-style musical based on the 2010 animated feature film Tangled was shot onboard a cruise ship. What the performance misses to offer in live performance more than makes up in great cinematography and cast.

The performance features the original cast from the original film. It is an adaptation of the story of Rapunzel (Elisha Ainsley) and Flynn Rider (Nick Pankuch), but with three brand new songs: “Wanted Man”, “Flower of God”, and “When She Returns”.

Step into the beautiful ‘Disney Magic’ cruise ship and virtually relive the beloved story of love, family, and friendship. You can stream the entire performance right now on YouTube.

5. The National Theatre At Home

The National Theatre has made some of its best past performances available online in its At Home Service.

Some of the best theatres you should bookmark for later include Treasure Island, Twelfth Night, One Man Two Guvnors, and Jane Eyre. Check out the trailers of some of these classics on YouTube.

Institutions in the UK enjoy exclusive access to the National Theatre’s archives for free.

The Bow

It may be a while before the Coronavirus pandemic passes, and live theater performance resumes. Until then, you probably need a steady stream of performances to keep you entertained. These five recommendations should be a good starting point for finding every worthy theatre performance online.

Image: Pexels

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