News: New British LGBTQ+ Musical The Phase releases ‘The Sex Talk’

When Covid comes a-knockin’, the queers go online. The team behind new British LGBTQ+ musical The Phase had big exciting developmental plans lined up for the first half of 2020 but even though they all ended up cancelled, they were determined to keep their creative momentum going. So they’ve recorded a video of one of their songs and rescheduled a workshop for the end of the month.

Set in an all-girls Catholic school, The Phase is a contemporary pop/punk musical written by Meg McGrady & Zoe Morris about friendship, young love and singing loud when others want to silence you. And this track ‘The Sex Talk’ looks at just how crap sex education is, not just for them but for pretty much every schoolkid.

‘The Sex Talk’ is a perky piece of pop songwriting with frank and funny lyrics that manage pointed relevance without seeming overbearing in their message. It promises much for The Phase as a whole and further suggesting a rosy future is the show’s fast-growing popularity on TikTok.  

The video cast of The Phase includes Francesca Forristal as Ava, Aitch Wylie as Young Rowan, Michaela Murphy as Sage, Evie Rose Lane as Aziza and Robin Simões da Silva as Older Rowan. The band is Joe Beighton on piano, Annie Mae Mather on drums, Rachel Espeute on bass and Robin Simões da Silva on guitar.

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