News: Stiles and Drewe Prize to host online concert

A host of West End stars have been enlisted to perform the shortlist of 15 compositions in the running for the 2020 Stiles + Drewe Best New Song Prize in a virtual concert to be streamed today (5th July 2020).

Recorded by each singer in isolation, the videos which have been produced by Bartek Podkowa and mix engineer Kevin Porée will be presented as a virtual concert with the winning song announced in the online ceremony.

The 2020 Stiles + Drewe Prize Best New Song finalists are:

  • ‘Bottle It’ by Jonathan O’Neill and Isaac Savage from Tanya: A New Musical (performed by Lizzie Bea)
  • ‘Broken Guitar’ by Meg McGrady and Zoe Morris from The Phase (performed by Alex Thomas-Smith)
  • ‘Colour’ by Charli Eglinton from Colours (performed by Fra Fee)
  • ‘Heaven Can Wait’ by Julian Woolford and Richard John from The Devil’s Advocate (performed by Maiya Quansah-Breed)
  • ‘Home’ by Jonathan O’Neill and Isaac Savage from Windows in the West (performed by Louise Dearman)
  • ‘I’m Your Guy’ by Amir Shoenfeld and Matthew Greene from Benny In Beta (performed by Tyrone Huntley)
  • ‘Juliet Kind Of Love’ by Victoria Saxton and Charles Miller from Marriage a la Mode (performed by Zizi Strallen)
  • ‘Minnesota’ by Julian Woolford and Richard John from Comrade Rockstar (performed by Luke Bayer)
  • ‘My First Ex-Boyfriend’ by Richard Marsh, Miranda Cooper and Nick Coler from Son of Rambow (performed by Natalie Paris)
  • ‘Ride’ by Freya Smith and Jack Williams from Ride (performed by Laura Pitt-Pulford)
  • ‘Shape The Future’ by Thomas Sutcliffe from Borders (performed by Melanie La Barrie)
  • ‘Sparks’ by Freya Smith and Jack Williams from The Limit (performed by Lauren Samuels)
  • ‘The Something Else’ by Vikki Stone from #zoologicalsociety (performed by Allyson Ava-Brown)
  • ‘Two Ways To Australia’ by Rachel Bellman and Elizabeth Sybil Charlesworth from The Dickens Girls (performed by Rebecca Trehearn)
  • ‘You Got A Problem’ by Rob Green and Nic Harvey from Hoarding: A Musical (performed by Marisha Wallace)

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