TV Review: Waking the Dead Series 3

Series 3 of Waking the Dead keeps it on the watchable rather than exciting level

“That was the first and the last time I had anything to do with cockles”

Series 3 of cold case police drama Waking the Dead continues with more of the same, for better or worse. It’s undeniably watchable as its talented company rehash their same old roles and a fabulous quality of guest cast are sprinkled throughout each story. But without any overarching purpose to the series, the thrill just isn’t really there to make it stand out in the way my memory recalled.

Top guest appearances

  1. The always lovely Jason Hughes is well-cast as ‘Multistorey’s’ puppyish Andrew Cross
  2. Craig Kelly’s Maria Logan is the star of ‘Walking on Water’ but Ray Fearon’s swish lawyer grabs the attention
  3. The troubling ‘Breaking Glass’ is a tough watch but Saskia Reeves is customarily fantastic as repressed memory therapist Dr Poole
  4. In series finale ‘The Final Cut’, Richard McCabe’s oleaginous estate agent Karl Meerman is a cracking cameo
  5. And with more to do, Sharon D Clarke is vibrantly effective as spirit guide Camelia Baptiste

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