TV Review: The Good Fight Series 4

Covid meant we sadly only got 7 episodes of Series 4 of The Good Fight, that’s just not enough Christine Baranski, Audra McDonald and Cush Jumbo

“We need evidence, no conspiracy theories”

Just a quickie for this as the truncated fourth season of The Good Fight meant that it had a rather abrupt finish that cheated the creators out of the fullness of the stories they wanted to tell. What we did get was the customary tackling of huge up-to-the-minute issues – racism in the workplace, political parties trying to reach marginalised communities and in the daring final episode, Jeffrey Epstein.

Baranski’s Diane Lockhart remains one of the great TV characters but I’m not sure anyone was particularly well served by the larger themes of the show. The ramifications of the buyout were tiresome, Memo 618 didn’t get the resolution it needed and Lucca’s plot strand smacked of them not knowing what to do with the character, given how little she ended up interacting with the rest of the main cast.

As ever, the quality of the supporting cast is a real delight for Broadway nerds – I loved spotting Annaleigh Ashford, LaChanze and the swoonsome Raúl Esparza – and Audra McDonald’s Liz Lawrence continues to shine as she graduates to one of the show’s lynchpin characters. The nods to the rich history from The Good Wife with the return of David Lee were fun too and we all have to be grateful that Michael Sheen didn’t return

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