TV Review: Secret State (2012)

With Lia Williams and Sylvestra Le Touzel both being badass in the cast, how could I not love Secret State

“Do I look like somebody who reads tweets?”

Inspired by Chris Mullin’s 1982 novel A Very British Coup, 2012’s Secret State stands up realy well nearly a decade on. And how could it not, when it features Lia Williams at the head of MI5, Sylvestra Le Touzel as the Foreign Secretary, Gina McKee and Douglas Hodge as hotshot reporters and Tobias Menzies as the Prime Minister.

Spoiler alert, the last one doesn’t last too long at all when his plane goes missing and so Gabriel Byrne’s deputy is forced to step up. His Tom Dawkins is thus caught in the middle of a complex geopolitical clusterfuck as his government has to deal with powerful military and corporate influences in the midst of a terrible industrial accident in t’north.

To say much more risk spoiler territory so suffice to say I recommend it heartily.

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