TV Review: Chewing Gum (Series 2)

Series 2 of Chewing Gum sees Michaela Coel nail the ‘two series and out’ trajectory of some of the best British sitcoms

“I’m not 17, I’m a grown-up woman. I just…regularly make childlike mistakes”

I belatedly came to Chewing Gum just now and watched both the first series and this second one in a single sitting each, their addictive nature and too-easily bingeable lengths giving me two fine nights in front of the TV.

Writer and creator Michaela Coel rarely let her imagination get in the way of the first six episodes but here, the expansion of Tracey’s world beyond her Tower Hamlets estate is quite simply fucking hilarious. Plus, the marvellous Sinéad Matthews appears in this series too.

Whether trying to flirt with Jade Anouka’s dildo-wielder in a homeless shelter’s shower, dealing with Jonathan Bailey’s awful fuckboy with African fetish, chatting up Stormzy or recalibrating an orgy at a sex club, these are engaging and entertaining capers the likes of which we’ve rarely seen before as non-white, non-rich stories are centred.

And tied into Coel’s open performance, it’s impossible to resist. The drama-free madcappery makes it easily enjoyable but as before, there’s depths layered into the writing too – the realities of living in an evangelical household, the pressures around sexual expectations, how to act in a book group… – a great showcase for a singularly spectacular talent. 

If like me you’ve been remiss in watching Chewing Gum, then there’s no time like the present. Find it on All 4 now.

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