News: Hamilton film to premiere on Disney+

It wasn’t meant to be airing until late 2021 but the filmed version of the Broadway production of Hamilton will now be airing this summer. With the cinematic release of In The Heights being pushed back to next year, it means that Lin-Manuel Miranda will still get his chance to take over our households once again.

The film was made with the original Broadway cast (whom I was lucky enough to see) just two weeks before Miranda left the cast. And as it turned out, I saw Javier Muñoz as Hamilton so this means I’ll finally get to see Miranda delivering the music, lyrics and book he wrote and for which he has subsequently won every award going.

It will now premiere on 3rd July 2020, a random Friday for us in the UK but just in time for Independence Day weekend in the USA, and ought to put a fair few smiles on a fair few faces. It will also precipitate a hitherto unforeseen number of bad ‘the room where it happens’ puns, just wait for it…


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