Not-a-review: The Fall, Hope Theatre

I should have been reviewing The Fall at the Hope Theatre this week, so why not take a look at the ways in which you might be able to support the theatre and the company in these tough times

“Tell me the truth. That’s all you have to do…”

Thomas Arensen’s first full-length play The Fall should have been opening at the Hope Theatre today, with burgeoning new company The Luminaries promising an intriguing retelling of Paradise Lost via Saw and Romeo and Juliet. I know they managed to do a bit of recording as their set, lighting and costumes were ready to go, so we might possibly get a little taste of what would have been, and what will eventually be, in a trailer. 

The Hope’s Artistic Director Kennedy Bloomer also kindly took some time to speak to me:

“On Monday morning (16.03.17) I walked into the theatre to see the space completely transformed with an incredible set that will now stand empty in the theatre while this period is ongoing. The team behind The Fall have put all their love, energy, time and money into this incredible show and we’re one of the first shows I officially programmed at the theatre. 
The team are in good spirits but obviously devastated that the show can’t go on in for it’s original dates. The company have self-funded the production and we’re hoping to have them back in as soon as possible. 
As a small charity who receive no public funding the future of The Hope is now in uncertain as we heavily rely on ticket sales. The support from audience donating their early ticket bookings is amazing. We now need the help of generous donors more than ever in helping the theatre come back from postponement and to continue to be the little theatre with BIG ideas!” 

Take a look at the different ways you can support The Hope Theatre here, or email Kennedy directly on [email protected] 

For The Fall
You can follow the company on Twitter here
You can check out their website here
And you can watch a teaser trailer for the show below:

For The Hope Theatre
You can follow the theatre on Twitter here
You can sign up to their mailing list here to get their announcements about future plans, once the dust finally settles 

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