News: how much Ruth Wilson is too much Ruth Wilson?

Ruth Wilson to star in the UK premiere of The Second Woman at the Young Vic, a co-production with LIFT Festival

This is a trick question obviously, since you can never have too much Ruth Wilson. That said, this assumption will be tested by The Second Woman, in which she plays the exact same scene over and over with 100 different men, a production which thus lasts for a full 24 hours.

Taking inspiration from the 1977 John Cassavetes film Opening Night, the show “sits at the intersection of performance, video and film” and it really is a unique opportunity to see the two-time Olivier award-winner, Golden Globe winner, and Tony and BAFTA nominated Wilson. It’ll be quite the feat of endurance to watch it all too, so naturally yours truly will be at the Young Vic fighting the battle to stay awake for the whole damn thing!

© Heidrun Lohr

Advance tickets have now sold out but there is the opportunity to get tickets on the day, presumably as those who succumb to full-on sleep are wheeled out and shunted onto The Cut. I will try my best not to be one of those people though… And I’m already making my list of things to pack – Kendal mint cake, raisins, phone charger, pyjamas, anything else…? 

The Second Woman will begin at the Young Vic at 4pm on Friday 19 June, and conclude at 4pm on Saturday 20 June.
Main photo: Bjarne Jonasson 

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