10 questions for 10 years – Katie Arnstein

With dreams of Edinburgh and Bruce Springsteen, Katie Arnstein takes on the 10 questions challenge

One of the best things about the VAULT Festival is the sense of discovery that accompanies its cultivating spirit, the new voices that it amplifies so well. One of the freshest, to my mind, is Katie Arnstein whose wryly confessional monologues have been a real revelation. A name to watch for the future, if there’s any justice in the world

  • Where were you 10 years ago?

    I was doing my A Levels at The Friary School in Lichfield. I had spent 2009 applying for drama schools too so I was pretty stressed this time, a decade ago.

  • Best show you’ve seen in the last 10 years?

    Emilia by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm. I think it is remarkable.

  • What has been your professional highlight of the last 10 years?

    Writing and performing both Bicycles and Fish and Sexy Lamp. Both won Show of the Week at VAULT Festival and Sexy Lamp won Pick of Pleasance, which is amazing.

  • Top flavour of interval ice-cream?

    I’m a vegan how BORING so I’ll usually have a gin and tonic and bring biscuits in with me all secret like.

  • What show do you wish theatres would give a rest for a few years?

    I see Joseph is back and my first thought was what?! and then WHY?!

  • Name someone who you think is a really underappreciated talent (in the world of theatre)?

    I am not sure if Clare Perkins is underappreciated but I think she is absolutely unbelievable and I want to see everything she does. Also Rebecca Newman who is currently in The Gruffalo has the most incredible voice you have ever heard. I think she is going to be a superstar.

  • Elphaba or Glinda?


  • What is one thing that you think would help theatre survive and/or thrive the next ten years?

    Theatres are often inaccessible spaces. They need to reach and represent the community they serve. If they start to do that, they will thrive.

  • Which is your favourite theatre?

    The Birmingham Rep.

  • Can you say anything about what’s to come for you, (in the next ten years or otherwise)?

    I am touring Sexy Lamp and Bicycles and Fish, taking Sexy Lamp to Edinburgh this year thanks to the Pleasance Prize and I hope, writing a third show. I think I’ve got an idea for it.. As for 10 years, I hope I am still writing and performing. And I want to dance on stage with Bruce Springsteen when he plays ‘Dancing in the Dark’.

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