10 questions for 10 years – Gabby Wong

Always guaranteed to be appearing in something interesting, Gabby Wong takes a moment to tackle 10 pressing questions for me

  • Where were you 10 years ago?

    Working in an office in marketing by day and rehearsing a subterranean immersive show about witchcraft by night.

  • Best show you’ve seen in the last 10 years?

    So much as been so varied and I’ve truly loved a handful but Girl From The North Country was wonderful. (Huge Dylan fan plus a super close friend was dazzling in it)

  • What has been your professional highlight of the last 10 years?

    I’ve been quite blessed with many highs (knocked by some lows) but 2 moments stick in my head.
    1) When Kit (Harington) rang me to offer to run lines with me, as I had about 5 hours notice to go on as Jenna’s understudy as Mephistopheles in Faustus;
    2) On the last night of Pah-La at Royal Court recently, receiving a blessing from representatives from HH the Dalai Lama. Both of those were real moments of kindness.

  • Top flavour of interval ice-cream?

    I’m lactose intolerant, I can’t have ice-cream. I’m sad.

  • What show do you wish theatres would give a rest for a few years?

    All male and/or all white productions. Please give that a rest indefinitely.

  • Name someone who you think is a really underappreciated talent (in the world of theatre)?

    Moi Tran- Designer. She’s slowly getting recognised for her genius & designing hacks but not quick enough in my opinion.

  • Elphaba or Glinda?

    A solid Elphaba.

  • What is one thing that you think would help theatre survive and/or thrive the next ten years?

    Diversity has been much talked about but I don’t really think the gatekeepers truly understand what it means. I’d posit exploring the plurality in stories, sharing our differences AND commonality.

  • Which is your favourite theatre?

    I love the Royal Court. Bold programming and possibly one of the nicest place to work.

  • Can you say anything about what’s to come for you, (in the next ten years or otherwise)?

    I’m about to go into rehearsals for Life of Pi and am the voice of a VR game launching soon.


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