TV Review: Humans Series 3

I can’t help but think Humans might have run its course as a uniquely intelligent and British sci-fi drama

“…the coming together of man and machine. You can change the course of history…”

I’ve enjoyed where Humans has taken us thus far, and the beginning of a third series seemed promising. But as I got to the end of this season and twist after twist pointed at where the story might well continue, it felt like I might have reached my expiration date with the show.

The human/synth baby that Mattie is carrying, Niska’s transformation into ur-Niska, V’s survival…it’s hard not to feel that any of these feel far less interesting than where Humans are trod thus far in its carefully balanced but uniquely British brand of sci-fi.

That’s not to say there isn’t a place for Humans in any of these potential future iterations. But rather that they would seem to pull away from the exploration of what (British) society might do when pushed to deal with the true impact of chasing technological advancement without due care and attention.

The prejudices raising their heads and being codified in laws and ghettoisations; Gemma Chan and Katharine Parkinson becoming our moral compasses; impossible choices presented and not flinched away from both at the political/governmental and the personal/familial level. This is where Humans has always been strongest and I just hope it doesn’t lose any more of it.  

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