Someone to hold you too close – 10 takes on Being Alive to celebrate Company’s opening

My top 10 Losing My Minds post has been one of the most popular on the site (the most recent spike sadly being because of Marin Mazzie’s untimely passing – RIP), so I thought I would repeat the exercise with what is arguably Company’s most iconic song ‘Being Alive’. 

“Somebody make me come through”

1. Alice Fearn
An unexpected favourite mainly due to the combination of its achingly beautiful strings (arranged by Ben Goddard) and the delicacy of Fearn’s beautiful delivery.

2. Raúl Esparza
This. In all its ferocious power, I just can’t imagine it being better done by a man.

3. Adrian Lester
The Donmar’s Bobby, he acts so very well through song (I could maybe do without the recorded voiceovers though?).

4. Alistair Brammer, Janie Dee, Fra Fee, Bradley Jaden and Laura Pitt-Pulford
A group arrangement (from Putting It Together originally, I think) which is always interesting, if not always 100% effective in using its resources.

5. Patti LuPone
1992 LuPone – such hair! I love her, what else can I say; just watch as she wrestles this into submission with her brassy brilliance. 

6. Ramin Karimloo
He’s popping over to the Leicester Square Theatre next month and I should book, as the richness of his voice definitely benefits from the informality of settings like these. 

7. Bernadette Peters
A Sondheim interpreter par excellence, there’s no doubting she completely sells this, finding a rougher emotion than many others would dare.

8. Oliver Savile
I’ll go to Amsterdam for theatre, even New York, but Aberdeen proved a step too far. even with as attractive a cast as this Company had. On this evidence, maybe I should have made the effort.

9. Jonathan Groff
He’s a little too keen on his armography but there’s something about his intensity that just draws you in

10. Norm Lewis
Not the best quality clip but I just love his voice.

Bonus mentions

Rosalie Craig
How could I not include Bobbie herself? A sneak preview of what’s to come – how we are to be blessed!

Leslie Uggams
Famous for something else altogether, I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed this – as she says, sometimes “you’ve got to mix it up”.


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