TV Review: Unforgotten Series 3 Episodes 1+2

The third series of Unforgotten starts and once again, Nicola Walker fails to disappoint

“Who buries a body in the central reservation of the M1”

They’re back! Nicola Walker’s DCI Stuart and Sanjeev Bhaskar’s DS Khan sit at the heart of Chris Lang’s cold case thriller Unforgotten and for the previous two series, have been extremely impressive. Carving out a niche in the crowded police procedural TV market is enough of a job but doing it this well is noteworthy.

So it is little surprise that they have returned for a third series and though the format might be creaking ever so slightly as the same model is recycled once again, there’s enough here to point out the differences between so many of the other programmes who long to be recommissioned and respected this much.

Most notably, it is in Unforgotten’s treatment of the victim – a young woman, aren’t they all – Lang and Walker making sure that the focus is never one of rubbernecking or glamorising the violence. Instead it is one of pure compassion for the victim, and of cold-eyed determination to ensure justice. With a supporting cast of suspects that includes Alex Jennings, James Fleet, Neil Morrissey and Kevin McNally, this is proving one to watch once again.

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