Review: Codebreakers – Mission:Breakout, South Kentish Town Tube Station

In the atmospheric surroundings of the old South Kentish Town Tube Station, can you crack the codes and escape the room of Codebreakers – Mission: Breakout

It has been a little while since our escape-the-room group has actually tried to escape a room, rather than just meeting to drink gin-based cocktails, but a special offer in Time Out led us over to Kentish Town to the home of Mission: Breakout. 

Housed in the brilliantly quirky ghost tube station of South Kentish Town, the Mission: Breakout team have two games up for grabs – the brand spanking new The Lost Passenger which opens on Easter Monday and Codebreakers which was where we found ourselves.

As the name suggests, the game is based around a whole lotta breaking codes. The set-up is presented to us by no less than Churchill himself as we’re in the thick of World War II and there’s an Enigma machine that needs locating and unlocking.

Without giving anything away, this is a more cerebral take on the escape-the-room genre. The emphasis of the game means kind of thinking and problem-solving you’ll need to do have a similar laser focus and so you really do need to get that part of your brain ticking over.

With just an hour to complete the tasks and a team that can range from three to six people, Codebreakers is far from easy but great fun with it. And the nearby Abbey Tavern is a great place to discuss the game afterwards (plus the deal on gin cocktails is a winner – see below!)



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