Review: Hostage Hideout, Do Stuff Escape Games

Just a quickie for this escape-the-room down in Battersea. Hostage Hideout is one of two games at Do Stuff Escape Games and has to be one of the more enjoyable that our squad has gotten round to, not least because we actually managed to finish this one!

The set up is a hostage situation at a shopping centre which you find yourself in the middle of. And as ever, you’ve got to solve puzzles, find clues and dance a light fandango in order to save everyone and get out in time. It is all inventively done and with a keen eye on a real variety of challenges.

Crucially, it doesn’t take itself too seriously either, which makes it all the more to partake in. Though people’s lives are ostensibly at stake, there’s no danger of being made to feel stupid here which some of the more po-faced escape-the-rooms are in danger of doing. 

Great fun and recommended, especially with a post-game debrief in the neighbouring Grove pub.

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