Cast for the Royal Exchange’s Guys and Dolls announced

The Royal Exchange in Manchester have really been upping the ante as far as their Christmas musicals are concerned. Last year’s Sweet Charity was a stonker, their Into the Woods was something special, and 2014/15’s Little Shop of Horrors was basically perfection. This year see them tackle Broadway classic Guys and Dolls in a co-production with Talawa Theatre Company and by the crin (as my Aunty Mary would say – a bit of Wigan dialect for you there…) just take a look at this bushel and a peck’s worth of beauties! 

Directed by Michael Buffong, the cast is:
Allison – Koko Basigara
Mimi – Evonnee Bentley-Holder
Liverlips Louis – Nathanael Campbell
Society Max – Darren Charles
Lieutenant Brannigan – Ewen Cummins
Agatha – Chelsey Emery
Nathan Detroit – Ray Fearon
Harry The Horse – Kurt Kansley
Angie The Fox – Danielle Kassarate
Benny Southwest – Fela Lufadeju
General Matilda B. Cartwright – Melanie Marshall
Nicely-Nicely Johnson – Ako Mitchell
Sarah Brown – Abiona Omonua
Rusty Charlie – Javar Parker 
Big Jule – Joe Speare
Calvin – Jaime Tait
Moe – Toyan Thomas-Browne
Arvide Abernathy – Trevor A Toussaint
Miss Adalaide – Lucy Vandi
Martha – T’Shan Williams
Sky Masterson – Ashley Zhangazha
See you there!


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