Review: The Trackers of Oxyrhynchus, Finborough Theatre

The first show of this year was something fantastic 
Or was it? Can you tell I’m being sarcastic 
A satire on satyrs is quite an objective
Was all Greek to me though and far from effective 

Moving from Egypt to Greece and then London
The piece shifts from ancient times right through to modern
Written by a man named Tony Harrison
It sure is a play without comparison

Writing in metre pulls focus, not great though
Especially when you rhyme potato with Plato
Still not as distracting as Muppet-like penises
Dangling from menfolk like faux fur filled weaknesses

The programme’s stuffed with words like didaskalia
And dithyramb too, ’bout which I’ve no idea
Nor do I know why there’s random tap-dancing
Though with no shirts on it was fairly entrancing

The Trackers of Oxyrhynchus is the title
And if you speak Greek there’s a bit of recital
For me though I felt disengaged and feeling ‘huh’
Which is disappointing when at the ace Finborough

Running time: 75 minutes (without interval)
Photos: S R Taylor Photography
Booking until 28th January


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