Re-review: Austentatious, Leicester Square Theatre

“I’m Gary, the unicorn”

The diary nature of this blog – in that I have always wanted it to be a complete record of what I have seen – mandates that I have to write something about my umpteenth visit to see Austentatious but truth be told, there isn’t much more to say that you should really get yourselves along to see this most talented and funny group of improvisers who fashion an hour-long lost Jane Austen novel out of a title provided at random by an audience members.

Tonight’s show was the surreal tale of Acid and Tequila at the Chocolate Factory and was as reliably hilarious as it ever is – I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by them in the many many times I’ve been, so I really do recommend making going to see Austentatious one of your New Year’s resolutions.

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