12 Days of Christmas – Black Mirror 1:1

“Oh for…fucking internet”

On the first day of Christmas, Black Mirror gave to me…a politician fucking a pig.

Can Charlie Brooker ever have conceived that four years after The National Anthem aired, the theme of his first episode of Black Mirror would actually come horrifically to life as Lord Ashcroft’s biography of David Cameron alluded to unsavoury acts with a pig’s head.

Anthology series Black Mirror kicked off with an all-star cast in this episode, where the kidnapping of Lydia Wilson’s popular Princess Susannah is followed by a YouTube video ransom demand, insisting that Rory Kinnear’s PM, well, fuck a pig live on air. Downing Street try desperately to shut down all publicity but there’s much wry amusement watching how ill-equipped they are to real with the realities of social media whipping up a news storm and just how much at mercy of the court of public opinion we all are once one’s head pops up over the parapet.

Loved seeing Alastair MacKenzie as a media boss, Lindsay Duncan and Tom Goodman-Hill as frighteningly efficient government bods and Allen Leech and Andrew Knott as medics who down tools to watch the unfolding affair live on TV (pictured above). Nice too to get a Nick Hendrix appearance as an easily manipulated office worker slipping tips to a Rebekah Brooks-like (in morals at least) journo. A strong start for an interesting series.

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