Review: The Million Pound Heist, Enigma Quests

“Fill the briefcase”

As the hunger for escape-the-room games increases, so too does the ingenuity of those who come up with these activities, tweaking the format a little every time so that we keep on coming back for more. One of the more ambitious of these companies are Enigma Quests, proprietors of the Harry Potter-inspired School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and newly opened game The Million Pound Heist

And as the name suggests, The Million Pound Heist sees your group take on the role of thieves and rather than escaping the room per se, your job is to break into the vaults of an international art crime syndicate. This you do by solving a series of increasingly fiendish challenges, testing your ingenuity, resourcefulness and downright lateral thinking techniques to make your way through a series of rooms towards the loot.

I can’t reveal too much more about the specific nature of The Million Pound Heist as that would give the game away now, wouldn’t it, but I can say that our team had a great evening as burglars. Having done a couple of these kind of games together definitely helps with getting into the mindset of finding out what to do next in a room that looks empty (here’s a hint, they’re never empty!) and it is endlessly fascinating to see the way your team acts and interacts when faced with any number of challenges.

To be sure, it’s not the cheapest thing to do, but it is a hell of a lot of good fun and given how the final challenge plays out, you have the chance to make it onto the leaderboard but only if you can convert the full currency of your team’s abilities…

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