Song Review – Twinnie Lee Moore – Home/Cool

“Without you around it just don’t feel like home”

It seems like we might have lost Twinnie Lee Moore from the world of musical theatre, which is a shame as I enjoyed her work. She moved on to Hollyoaks as a member of the anarchic McQueen family but from there, she’s now opted to devote herself entirely to her music career. An EP is in the works but for the moment we have two songs to tide us over and mightily impressive they both are too.

‘Cool’ is very much in the mould of the country-pop that Moore is aiming for, its gentle twang and whoops driving a delightfully hummable melody , whereas ‘Home’ is a straight-up power pop anthem with a massively defiant chorus. The pair of tracks make me very keen to hear what else she has up her sleeve and I’m hoping there’s room for some quieter, not quite so heavily produced moments too to really show off her voice. Definitely one to look out for, but then you knew that already!





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