Re-review: Time Run, London Fields

“Listen to Babbage”

One of my favourite discoveries last year was the plethora of escape-the-room games in London, sparked off by a trip to Time Run over in London Fields. It was a hugely enjoyable experience and you can read about it – well as much as I could say in a spoiler-free manner – in this review here. So I was delighted to get the opportunity to go back again and see if we could get any closer to completing the range of challenges that are posed for you.

For the uninitiated, Time Run is a game for teams of 3-5 people, lasting an hour, in which you have to solve a quest of historic importance that stretches across time and space – think along the lines of The Crystal Maze and you’re not too far off, just with less Richard O’Brien. And it remains an excellently conceptualised piece of entertainment – from its quirky beginnings to the neat introductions to the superbly executed production values.

Undoubtedly, having it done it before was something of an advantage in that it meant it took much less time to get accustomed to the type of lateral and logical thinking that you might need to do. In a similar way, it was like how I enjoyed You Me Bum Bum Train in a different manner the second time round, once that slight fear of the unknown has been conquered. That said, I was surprised how much I’d forgotten and so I wonder how much it actually helped! It certainly didn’t hinder the experience at all.

Going along with different people was instructive too – me and a friend has each brought another friend who the others didn’t know and so that had its own impact of the ease of communication (which is vital if you are to succeed) – I’d definitely recommend going with people you know well. And with two runs going on in parallel, it’s nice to see that you can have a bit of interaction with another group, to compare notes, as it’s always fascinating to check out the competition/confirm you weren’t all that bad. 

Something a bit different and well worth the chance if you’re halfway tempted. 

Running time: 90 minutes, once you factor in the introductory business
Booking until 31st March

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