Review: HintHunt, King’s Cross

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“Don’t trust your teammates to check everything properly”

So naturally, I post a review mentioning how much fun a live version of The Crystal Maze might be and within a couple of days, they launch a Kickstarter for that very thing and I found out too late to get the earlybird tickets (I don’t doubt it’ll be ace but £50 is a bit steep…). But in slightly more serendipitous circumstances, a walk back to the office from a meeting revealed to me that HintHunt London was actually less than 10 minutes away from us, just down a side street from Euston station. So gathering the team that tried (and failed) Time Run and adding one more to the mix, we once more attempted to escape the room.

HintHunt has been knocking around for a couple of years now but ever fashionably late to these things, the escape-the-room fad is one that has only recently come to my attention and so I am still ridiculously enthusiastic about it. And because of the nature of the game(s), it is impossible to say that much without spoiling it and I really recommend that you go in blind as it undoubtedly enhances the experience. HintHunt London has two rooms – JM’s office and the Zen room (we did the latter) and is designed for teams of between 3 and 5 people (we definitely benefitted from being 4 as opposed to our Time Run trio).    

And yeah, you gotta escape the room. Without giving too much away, there’s a lot of looking for clues (the title says it all really…) to balance with the puzzle solving which means you have to be thorough. No, really thorough. No, really really look hard and look again harder as there’s some fiendish construction of the game that belies its initial apparent simplicity. And the way in which the Zen room progressed was cleverly done, requiring all kinds of lateral thinking, division of labour within the team and a speedy turn of pace as the sixty minutes of the game start ticking away way too quickly. Lots of fun and hugely enjoyable, I can’t wait to go back do the next one.

Running time: 60 minutes
Booking until the foreseeable future 

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