Saturday afternoon music treats

Rebecca Caine – So In Love/Losing My Mind

I missed Caine’s cabaret turn but I was lucky enough to see her give a beautiful rendition of Sondheim’s ‘Losing My Mind’ at a birthday concert a few years – something very special.

Glenn Close – As If We Never Said Goodbye (from Sunset Boulevard)

Love him or hate him, Lloyd Webber knows how to deliver a showstopper and this one brings out some wonderful performances from some wonderful performers.




Rosie Ashe, Siobh



 McCarthy + Leigh McDonald- A Beautiful Day (from Cheri the Musical)



I do love these workshops, they always seem such fun! This is taken from Cheri the Musical by Michael Yale and Charlie Round-Turner about which I know nothing more.


Cassidy Janson + Haydn Oakley – I Confess (from Baby Mine)


Baby Mine is another Michael Yale and Charlie Round-Turner musical which seems intriguing but again about which I can find little.


Iwan Rheon – Diaries


And representing for the men, turns out Iwan Rheon is something of a nifty singer-songwriter – listen to one of his tracks here.

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