Saturday afternoon music treats

Muna and the Burkas – Sexy Burka (from The Infidel)


One of the songs from one of my favourite new musicals of the year.


Gary Wilmot + Bonnie Langford – How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You When You Know I’ve Been A Liar All My Life (from Royal Wedding)


This pair have recently been reunited in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (which I’ll have to revisit now) but this is a great indication of their old school charm and chemistry which hopefully still remains.


Sheridan Smith – You’re My World 


Still not quite managed to get round to Cilla yet, but here’s another of her iconic numbers recorded by Sheridan Smith.


Charlotte Wakefield + Killian Donnelly – Kingdom of your Own (from Paradise Lost the musical)


Kickstarter has opened up a whole new world of crowdfunding opportunities and allowing people to support projects that interest them – one that caught my eye was Lee Ormsby and Jonathan Wakeham’s campaign to get a soundtrack of their new musical Paradise Lost made and so I pledged. And one of the rewards, before the actual soundtrack is released, was the full version of ‘Kingdom of your Own’, a snippet of which can be heard at the end of this clip and it is just beautiful. Charlotte Wakefield and Killian Donnelly sound great together, though it is a shame he’s had to leave the project (though Ricardo Afonso promises to be a great replacement).


Luke Jasztal – Higher and Higher


Jasztal caught my eye in a version of Three Sisters recently (or rather his wearing grey sweatpants did…) and a swift google revealed he’s a singer too. Look.


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