Saturday afternoon music treats

Aaron Tveit – Along The Way (from Edges)
Tveit’s announcement of his London stage debut in the Menier’s Assassins sent huge excitement through theatreland yesterday and here’s a small indication of his…talent.

Aaron Lazar + the Skivvies – The Right Stuff/I Wanna Sex You Up/Bootyhole
Personally I would have been happier with Aaron Lazar appearing over here though and here’s why. (I think it is best just to accept what is happening in this clip rather than asking why.)

Sheridan Smith – Anyone Who Had A Heart
I’ve not seen Cilla yet but people have been raving about it so here’s the breakout number where Smith’s beautiful voice comes to the fore.
Natalie Mendoza – With You (from Ghost the musical)
From the 2010 workshop of the show, this is a stunningly moving version of the show’s big tearjerker. Mendoza of course has just opened in Here Lies Love so I was keen to see what else she’d done and I look forward to discovering more of her work.
Dean John-Wilson – Home
Another star from Here Lies Love who was relatively new to me, here crooning through one of Scott Alan’s songs.

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