Saturday afternoon Gypsy treats

Gypsy gets the Saturday afternoon treatment here after Chichester’s brilliant revival.

La dame LuPone absolutely nailing it here, such emotional texture packed into every line and with incredible variation too – wish I’d been able to see this live.


From the OLCR, Angela Lansbury’s take on ‘Rose’s Turn’ is another great interpretation (even if I think I prefer LuPone’s intensity).

I want to like this more than I actually do, I suspect Peters tried too hard to make Rose likeable or at least relatable, to make her really convincing. Check out Hugh Jackman’s hair at the beginning though, wowzers.

And here’s Tyne Daly who really doesn’t do it for me.

Two bonus clips of ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses’ – LuPone utterly owning it and Lansbury (looking amazing for her age) coming off a little too cabaret IMHO.


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