TV Review: The Secrets 2 – The Conversation

“He was mad and French and horny”

Part 2 of The Secrets failed to live up to Nick Payne’s opening salvo if I’m completely honest. Sarah Solemani’s The Conversation, in which she also stars, centres on a young couple on the eve of their wedding as an ill-advised secret sharing session opens up a whole can of worms as Charlotte’s revelation that she once had a threesome is blown out of the water by her discovery that Tom was once accused of rape.

That then sets Charlotte off on a spiral of reflection and recrimination as she throws her whole relationship under the spotlight, something aided by the late arrival of her sister who may or may not know more than she is letting on. Something just didn’t click for me in the way that Charlotte unravelled, Solemani bravely leaving the detail of her plot quite sketchy but consequently leaving her characters to make somewhat improbable leaps.

Thus I never really believed in the chemistry between Charlotte and Tom, despite good work from Solemani and Rupert Evans, and Anna Koval suffered from the most severe under-writing as the sister Bee, her enigmatic ways just becoming exasperating. It’s always good to see Harriet Thorpe and Michael Gould, here as Char’s parents, overly relieved to get her off their hands but all in all I was left disappointed.


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