Short Film Review #45

Elevator Pitch is a brilliantly ingenious short which manages to pack in a huge amount into its couple of minutes, layer upon layer builds up as the fourth wall is continually smashed by an intern trying to make a pitch to a film producer. Highly recommended. 

Murray Buesst’s On The Other Hand is amockumentary about left-handed people is absolutely hilarious. In a world where prejudice against those who aren’t right-handed is akin to such perceived sins as homosexuality, it gives a really rather amusing account of what it might be like if police, state and society were all against you for making the sinister choice.

Rupert Hill’s Molehills stars Philip McGinley and Frazer Hammill as a pair of hapless would-be geezers who are shooting the breeze, trying to figure out how to make some money. This being a comedy, they decide on becoming gangsters and holding up the local corner shop but of course nothing goes to plan and it is all really rather funny, it is well worth a watch. 

A Cloverfield-esque handheld sci-fi short directed by Tom Harper and filmed entirely on smartphones. The Swarm is very well constructed, weaving together different stories from different households on a London street (and managing to come up with a few novel uses for why they’re filming things on their phone…) as strange goings-on in the sky end up crashlanding right on top of them. Not one to watch on your own!

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