Short Film Review #43

Expectation Management – Episode 1



A blokey sitcom of sorts – episode 1 of Tupaq Felber’s Expectation Management has a great comic energy that centres on Owen’s inability to hold down a relationship with a girl. The advice he gets from his friends isn’t necessarily the most constructive though but highly entertaining to watch.



Supermarket Girl


Directed by Matt Greenhalgh and written by Alex Walker, Supermarket Girl is a delicately moving love story between two solitary misfits working in a large supermarket somewhere in the north. Andy and Michelle share more than they realise as their loneliness manifests itself in self-destructive behaviour but slowly, they edge towards a better place. Matthew Beard and Nichola Burley are both excellent as the sweet pair and it makes for a lovely film. 

Yiannis Kolozis’ SoundRoom, written by Claire Dix, may come off as a low-rent version of Stomp with its percussive inventiveness but it is still ingeniously put together and fun to watch.
Pickman’s Model
A bit of a disappointment here with this HP Lovecraft-based adaptation. The main thrust involves a man visiting a notorious artist and discovering the sinister nature of her inspiration which is proficiently done but it is bookended with scenes involving the man and his aristocratic friend which are really rather embarrassingly done, especially in comparison to the other work in the film. 


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