Short Film Review #41

Tania Emery’s Working Lunge may only be short but it is perfectly formed as two men try to out-do each other in order to win a job from Jacqueline Boatswain’s boss. All I will say is that I love anything that uses Daniel Crossley to his full advantage – give it a whirl!

Don’t make the mistake that I did of looking at the credits of this Irina Alexiu short before watching it as it will the whole thing away! Instead just watch this tale of a carjacking on an isolated country road unfold in its effective portrayal of increasing threat.
Written by and starring Sarah Solemani, Aphrodite Fry is a rather sweet slice of Brighton life and its quirky fringes. Directed by Vanessa Caswill, it follows the titular artist Aphrodite (Solemani) as she resolves herself to play men at their own game when it comes to casual sex yet is tested almost immediately when Alex Price’s Bobby arrives on the scene. It’s a beautifully observed film in its everyday details and unpretentious portrayal of a slightly boho scene, it reminded me very much why I think I will one day move there.
A short Matt Greenhalgh film featuring model Agyness Deyn and up and coming actor Matthew Beard (currently starring in Skylight), this is a bit of a weird one. Martha is introducing newcomer to her school Richard to the joys of taking acid and that’s about it, his perception of reality naturally becomes a little distorted and darker but there’s little else to the whole thing – even a late attempt at a twist feels laboured.
Sent to me because it has one of my new favourites Laurent Lafitte in it, Karim Adda’s La 17ème marche is really rather excellent. Spinning a whole world of drama out of a man (Julien Boisselier) on a non-moving escalator, it is ingeniously put together and looks amazing – highly recommended. Plus Lafitte has a light beard which is always pleasing.


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