In appreciation of…our elders and betters

So much of the focus of our culture today is based on the young and the new that those at the other end of the spectrum can often seem neglected. Indeed, should a movie (for example) be aimed elsewhere than the tween market, it can get quickly labelled as chasing the ‘grey pound’ and with the success of some of these movies, it is a term that gained some purchase. Grey or otherwise though, I love watching stories that involve older actors, the experience that they can bring to bear is just unparalleled and when married with the right material, has significant emotional punch.

So on this day when I remember two of my grandparents, I present to you a selection of Third Age, grey pound-chasing films full of oldies. The unbearably poignant Amour which upset me more than any other movie of recent times, recent films Les Beaux Jours and The Love Punch which take place on two very different bits of French coastline, the very British pleasures of Mrs Henderson Presents and A Rather English Marriage, the striking sexuality of The Mother, and three films that were in cinemas recently which spurred on much of the grey pound chat – Song for Marion, Quartet, and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

With love to Nan and Grandad x

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