Short Film Review #21

Does God Play Football? is utterly heart-warming – it’s northern, has Helen McCrory, a cute moppet and a sexy ginger priest. What more do you want?

Rosanna Negrotti’s film Cake is much more elegant than the title might suggest, a study of grief in an Italian family and the little rituals a family observes in the wake of the passing of its Nonna. A quality cast include Sasha Behar and Flaminia Cinque, with the lusciously-voiced Rosie Cavaliero as a narrator of sorts, take us through the day she died and the questions that arise from the last thing she ever did – putting a cake in the oven, though the film’s stylishness comes from a late wordless section scored to a Vivaldi aria which is just beautiful. 

Avril E Russell’s film Distinction was suggested to me mainly for the appearance of a young Marianne Jean-Baptiste but its story of a temp agency unlike any other, providing all kinds of opportunities for black women to enter the world of the secret service. It’s slightly tongue-in-cheek to start off with, an amusing frippery, but Russell subtly makes her point about the important part this group has played, and continues to play, in society, even if their roles may superficially seem a little trivial.

I won’t say too much at all about Electric Cinema as it is short and sweet and lots of fun.

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