Review: The Big Idea – PIIGS, Italy, – Royal Court via YouTube

“I’m not saying this is the answer”

With the Italian edition of The Big Idea, it was actually the verbatim sections that I enjoyed the most. The reportage element used Twitter and Facebook conversations as a model, creating a punchy set of responses to a series of questions which felt more impactful than some of the other interviewing techniques, although predictably it does perhaps give less considered answers. But this lengthier technique was used later on to great effect in exploring just who was culpable for the state of Italian life and a self-reflexive sequence on how a way forward might be found. 

The two plays – They Were In My Field by Fausto Paravidino and Three Gifts by Anders Lustgarten – both failed to really engage me but I would be hard-pressed to tell you exactly why. Both took a slightly obscure slant on the the issue at hand and maybe I was just too tired, but it left me alienated for the whole shebang. And since it is my blog, I’m leaving it at that.

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