Short Film Reviews #3

As predicted, more of the same – click on links to see first lot and second lot – there are just hundreds and hundreds of films out there! Keep sending me links though 😉
Wednesday – Short Film from Rob Sorrenti on Vimeo.
I’m not one to understate things much, honest, but this is an utterly gorgeous piece of film. Conceived and created by Rob Sorrenti, it stretches over nearly 20 minutes to become an epic short but it is worth it as the story spans a couple of decades to look at fate, coincidences and the possibilities of soulmates. Sam and Lilya are born on the same day in the same hospital, but it isn’t until 25 years later that their fates intertwine around the same location. Sinéad Matthews – an actress who is fast rising up my ‘must see in everything’ list – is heartrendingly sweet as Lilya, a warmly kind nurse, and Tom McClane’s Sam, a trainee lawyer, expertly evokes the quiet damage of his emotional losses. But it is Ann Emery’s Nan who steals the show, as she does with most shows she is in, with a beautiful performance. Production values are exceptional – though with Stephen Daldry on board, one would hope so! – and there’s some lovely use of aerial shots of London that really elevate this into something special. The only minor criticism would be on the over-insistent soundtrack which is a little heavy-handed in places, though undeniably effective.


Written by Mark O’Rowe and directed by Angus Jackson, Epithet was inspired by the Young Vic’s Bingo – of all things…- which was also helmed by Jackson as he explored the history of Paris Gardens, a historic park close to the theatre. The cast of Patrick Stewart, Matthew Marsh and Richard McCabe all came from that play, joined by Aimeé-Ffion Edwards, to tell this short but visceral tale of connections and violence. I liked it, particularly seeing Stewart as a modern character which I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play onstage, and it has a pleasing density which it doesn’t feel the need to explain. Recommended.
Exit Strategy
Released from the shackles that was one of the most annoying characters ever to be in Spooks, Miranda Raison has emerged as a really quite luminous actress who I really enjoy watching, mainly due to her sensational lead turn in Anne Boleyn. But sure enough, she was good before Spooks too – showing the dangers of over-identifying actors with characters – as this 2008 short by Graham Hodge demonstrates. Raison doubles up as a (mostly silent) wife who is going about her morning business as her husband furtively arranges a surprise for her on the phone, and as the agent on the end of the line selling the various options to her partner, who is actually arranging her funeral. Frederic Casella shoots the film in a very classy modern style, almost thriller-ish and it all swishes along most pleasingly, Ben Willbond doing well as the guy searching for his exit strategy. 
This is just a trailer for a Rémy Bazerque short but I love it, especially the teasing moment at the very end and not just for the fact it opens with a Scotch egg in a scene. Plus it has Al Weaver, Lily James and Tom Riley in the cast, what’s not to love. Definitely one to watch out for.

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