The 2011 fosterIAN award nominations

So here it is, as best a summation of what I liked most about the year’s theatregoing as I can manage. I racked up 332 plays in the end this year (a further analysis will come in a later post) so it has taken quite some considerable time to narrow these down (especially the supporting actress categories which should surprise no-one who knows me) and considering which were the performances that stood out for me this year led to some surprises. Thus here we go, the 2011 fosterIAN (fos-tîr’ē-ən) award nominations for acting this year.
(NB Eligibility is quite simple: if I saw this play/production for the first time this year, it went in the hat. I saw Propeller’s Richard III last November so that fell into last’s year cohort.)

Best Actor in a Play
Benedict Cumberbatch, Frankenstein
Charles Edwards, Much Ado About Nothing (Globe)
Trevor Fox, The Pitmen Painters
Jude Law, Anna Christie
Andrew Scott, Emperor and Galilean
Dominic West, Othello

Best Actress in a Play
Eve Best, Much Ado About Nothing (Globe)
Siân Brooke, Ecstasy
Geraldine James, Seagull
Lisa Palfrey, The Kitchen Sink
Ruth Wilson, Anna Christie
Rosie Wyatt, Bunny

Best Supporting Actor in a Play
Edward Franklin, Many Moons
Harry Hadden-Paton, Flare Path
Robert Hands, The Comedy of Errors (Propeller)
Adam James, Much Ado About Nothing (Wyndhams)
Craig Parkinson, Ecstasy
Ryan Sampson, The Kitchen Sink

Best Supporting Actress in a Play
Kirsty Bushell, Double Feature 1
Alexandra Gilbreath, Othello
Esther Hall, Many Moons
Sinéad Matthews, Ecstasy
Billie Piper, Reasons to be Pretty
Sheridan Smith, Flare Path

Best Actor in a Musical
Michael Ball, Sweeney Todd
Alistair Brookshaw, Parade
Bertie Carvel, Matilda
Daniel Crossley, Me and My Girl
Daniel Evans, Company
Vincent Franklin, The Day We Sang

Best Actress in a Musical
Adrianna Bertola, Josie Griffiths, Cleo Demetriou, Kerry Ingram, Eleanor Worthington Cox and Sophia Kiely, Matilda
Beverley Klein, Bernarda Alba
Laura Pitt-Pulford, Parade
Jemima Rooper, Me and My Girl
Imelda Staunton, Sweeney Todd
Scarlet Strallen, Singin’ in the Rain

Best Supporting Actor in a Musical
David Burt, Crazy For You
Daniel Crossley, Singin’ in the Rain
Connor Dowling, Guys and Dolls
Jack Edwards, Betty Blue Eyes
Nigel Harman, Shrek
Nick Holder, London Road

Best Supporting Actress in a Musical
Ann Emery, Betty Blue Eyes
Kate Fleetwood, London Road
Josefina Gabrielle, Me and My Girl
Josie Walker, Matilda
Rosalind James, Ragtime
Samantha Spiro, Company

3 thoughts on “The 2011 fosterIAN award nominations

  1. Interesting selection and nice to see regional theatre fairly well represented. Think Othello, Ecstasy and Sweeney Todd would be my vote-winners. And Dominic West but for Butley. Many Moons passed me by but you make me intrigued by it now. When will the results be posted?

  2. Oh my God these people are so demanding! PLEASE SPEND MORE MONEY ON THEATER! Please spend more time writing this! Like if you go to 332 shows you aren't busy enough!

    Really sorry I missed the Kitchen Sink … and I probably should have gone for Importance of Being Earnest (the musical) but I was already so worn out in December I nodded off during two shows. Basically I stopped moving and BANG dead asleep.

    My best of the year is lame compared to yours. Good job!

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