Re-review: Hamlet! The Musical, Richmond Theatre

“You can’t make a Ham-e-let without breaking some eggs”

I always tend to write less about shows the second time I see them, but in this particular case there is even less than usual as it was only three days since I saw Hamlet! The Musical. But with no future plans for the show currently confirmed and one of the funniest experiences in a theatre thus year so far, it didn’t take much convincing to make me journey back over to Richmond for second serving of Danish delight.

My original review is here and unsurprisingly there’s no change in my response to the show, other than to say it stood up to a second viewing extremely well even so close to the first time, it still got the laughs (and I was probably that annoying guy who was giggling in advance of the funnier jokes) and generated a huge warmth from the audience once again.

Seeing it again confirmed just how much I might actually be in love with Gabriel Vick, but also how much in awe I am of him and his colleagues who work so incredibly hard in a ton of minor roles and creating such manic energy that really carries the show. Definitely one to keep an eye out for if and when it reappears and if you’re impatient for it, visit the website where you can download a copy of the best song from the show (Viking gospel choir sadly not provided though).

Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes (with interval)
Booking until 28th May

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