Re-review: Love Story, Duchess

“Life is molto bene when your pesto’s mixed with penne”

Coming in as one of my favourite shows of 2010, and in the top 2 musicals I saw all year long, it was no surprise that a return visit to Love Story was booked in order to introduce someone new to the wonders of this show. You can read my (something of a rave) review from my previous visit here: I don’t really have much more to add to it to be honest, other than I really do believe this to be one of the strongest and most beautiful new British musicals of recent years.

I cried more this time round, knowing what to expect and when to expect it usually does that to me, but having seen it before meant that I had much more sympathy for Michael Xavier’s Olly throughout the show. He is a rather bullish and brash character at first glance but Xavier brings much more depth to the character which for me, simply heightened the emotion in the moments when he cracks and sure enough, every single time his handsome face crumpled, my eyes welled up. Emma Williams delivered another sensational performance, even dealing with wayward pasta most professionally, singing all the while.

I paid more attention to the arrangements of the songs too this time, in particular the beautiful piano lines and I was able to hum along (quietly I might add) to most of the songs, the tunes having stuck in my head sufficiently for me to seriously consider getting the soundtrack. Both lead performers are on Twitter and talked about making the official cast recording last month and murmurings indicate that it might be ready for purchase by Valentine’s Day which would make a lovely treat if anyone’s reading…hint hint!!

So if you’re thinking about it and haven’t quite got round to it, book now. If you’re thinking it is not for you cos the film was quite cheesy and maudlin, I promise you this is a completely different beast, still emotional but much more richly rewarding than a simple weepie and well worth a visit.

Running time: 95 minutes (without interval)
Programme cost: £3.50
Booking until 30th April
Note: optimum pasta sauce smelling can be done from the left hand side of the stalls

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