4 thoughts on “Review: Dunsinane, RSC at Hampstead Theatre

  1. It's coming to the end of previews and by last night they'd managed to shave off about 20-25 minutes from the 3 hours you saw, but obviously nowhere near the wildly optimistic 2 hours in the programmme.

  2. Loved it. Saw it first night and it didn't matter how long it was, as it was gripping. Funny, witty, poignant, brutal, strong. Go see it!

  3. Seeing this while the Chilcot Enquiry and a surge in Afghanistan was running was exquisite. A foreign army invades a country to support a weak leader and impose "peace". Atrocities are committed to control the natives but the English general says "everything he did he believed to be the right thing". There are suicide attacks and martyrs and a legacy of hatred against the invader.

    Strong performances all round, great set and lighting, live music. A great experience.

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