Re-review: Duet for One (times two), Almeida Theatre

Despite already having seen this production when it first opened, you can read my thoughts here, when I was asked if I wanted to see Duet for One again with another friend, I did not hesitate to say yes. And I was glad to see that I enjoyed it just as much as the first time, such is the strength of the acting on display. I was pleased to see that the play will be transferring to the Vaudeville Theatre so that many more people will be able to see it, but I do wonder how much will be lost given that it will be transferring from the intimate space of the Almeida to a larger theatre. I have never actually seen a play that has transferred in both of its venues, and I wonder how many people actually have! Anyway, previews for the new run start on May 7th, and I would definitely recommend trying to go if you have not already.

PS: I know I am the only person who reads this, but I do apologise for not having posted for a couple of weeks. I promise to be better at posting regularly!

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