Review: Avenue Q, Noël Coward Theatre

I suppose I’m getting close to groupie status now, but what can I say, I really love this show! Again, not a huge amount to report in how Avenue Q remains a completely guilt-free feel-good pleasure and still as funny as ever, look in the archive for more in-depth writing. It was, however, pleasing to see that whilst Clare Foster was covering for Julie Atherton, I really didn’t mind too much and ended up being quite impressed by her performance. The debutants in the cast didn’t fare quite as well for me.

Making her professional stage debut in the role of Christmas Eve, Jennifer Tanarez is having something of a baptism of fire and she does look a little overwhelmed. Her nerves were far too apparent, resulting in her missing too many comedic notes but as her accent is completely garbled and unfocused, she fails to capture the lyrical dexterity and emotion needed to really deliver ‘The More You Ruv Someone’ effectively and that song is the key to Christmas Eve.

The only other significant change this time is Delroy Atkinson taking over as Gary Coleman, with mixed results. The comedic potential is there but he looks too uncomfortable at the moment (somewhat ironic as he is one of the few who doesn’t have a puppet to handle) and had real projection issues which he will need to work on.

So still a recommended night out for sure with friends and the more tolerant members of your family 😉

Note: it wasn’t the midnight matinee that I saw but this poster has made me chuckle every time I’ve gone past it on the tube.

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